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Smart Monaco: Mobee Electric Car Sharing

Mobee’s electric vehicle sharing system began operations in Monaco in 2014. At the time, ten electric Renault Twizzys appeared on the roads of the principality. Eco-friendly machines, available to all visitors to the principality, have become an excellent alternative to walking and personal transportation. The service is used by tourists, as well as people who, for example, commute to work in Monaco by train and travel across the principality in a rented electric car. Today, the car fleet has more than doubled – 25 cars are already operating in the Principality, the number of car parks has increased from 5 to 11, and the number of daily users is around 250, which is a good indicator for a country like Monaco. The electric cars are designed for 2 people – there is a space for the driver and one space in the back. The driver must be over 18 years old, as for a regular car.

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