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Made in Monaco: The Mercedes-Benz S-Class for going out to sea

Story Highlights
  • The Silver Arrow of the Seas Yacht
  • From $1.7 million
  • Made in Principality of Monaco

In 2012, the big news from Monaco delighted both sports car connoisseurs and those with a soft spot for exclusive luxury yachts. German automaker Mercedes-Benz announced unveiling the design of a new vessel, which would merge marine and automotive DNA codes with an unequivocal Mercedes-Benz imprint, and would undoubtedly become as much a symbol of luxury representing sporty dynamism and elegance, as a Mercedes S‑class on the road. But at the same time, the authors of the idea were driven by the ambition to create the world’s first motor yacht that would embody a radically new approach to the functionality and aesthetics of a luxury yacht. Thus by applying the technologies of the automotive industry in the construction of the vessel, which are now more innovative than those in the yacht building industry.

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